donderdag 15 november 2012

Summer 2012 update

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Oké, i’m back again.

After being away for a while, I decided to pick up where I left off. You’re probably wondering what i did throughout the summer? Well exams, holidays, work, the usual pastime. Unfortunately, all this at the expense of my poorly maintained blog! Thanks to Darleen, my banner is finally renewed and yes she has also forced me to start blogging again. I know, she’s right!  
Let's start off with what a heck of a  summer I had. First, I finally graduated high school and now I can start college, something I’ve been  really looking forward to.
My summer mainly consisted out of work, but a vacation is not a vacation if you
don’t have fun.Along with Kim c. I went to the Ardennes. Normally kids with the age 6-12 walk trough the River, but we decided to act silly and walk along the kids. I think it’s a good thing to occasionally act silly or childish… gives you less wrinkels (i hope?!). We had so much fun! We arrive at the campsite with a huge BMW convertible which a group of boys were staring at (I know this is indeed not the most logical car to go camping with but hey, why not ?). Highlight of the evening? We had just a tiny throw open tent that was actually smaller than the car. Luxury my ass... !

Up next:  I helped my cousin with a photoshoot. Together with her I had to provide a thick layer of makeup on the models and of course I could choose the bling-bling. Had my cousin explicitly asked  the models not to wear any make-up and of course one of the models appeared with ten layers of makeup including false eyelashes! And if that was not enough, she did not even wanted to take her makeup off! My niece had to add extra make-up and glitter to make it look like she did it. Fortunately, those other models were really friendly ...

Another highlight of my summer was going clubbing with my best friend Kim c. (unfortunately I don’t talk to her anymore).
After a fun day of shopping and preparation, we went partying in the club called
Jantjes. There we got a huge straw hat on our heads. Guys attempting to flirt...original? Yes. Did they Succeed? No. It was a bit too much captain obvious for my taste, and then the fact that I’m in a two year happy relationship! But we had fun.
Unfortunately we did not stay long because the next
day we both had to go to work early

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