donderdag 29 november 2012

Winter "wonder" land

English - Nederlands

On Saturday 24 November, my boyfriend and I went to Winterland.
I mostly call it Winter “Wonder” land. At night it has an amazing magical feeling to it thanks to the beautiful christmas decorations and the abundance of christmas lights.
This year they decided to put up a few more attractions but to be honest, I really did not like that. It didn’t really matches the whole christmas vibe.
I think they probably did it to attract Young teenagers and little children…
So as my and my boyfriend where walking through the christmas market, I was looking everywhere for big snowglobe to put in my room, but unfortunately they only had Christmas houses, snowmen, reindeer and christmas garlands...
After walking around for a hour through the cold weather we decided that we needed a hot chocolate. At least I did...
Despite the fact that I didn’t found a snowglobe, I did managed to get a thick woolen infinity scarf  for only € 4,00.

I’m afraid it’s time to hit the books again and start studying... you got it right ... time for the exams.  I’m going to take a short break from blogging to focus on my schoolwork but I will post IF (and only if) something happens during my exams... probably it will !
For those who also have exams: Good luck, bon chance and study hard!
For those who don’t have exams: LUCKY YOU !

Xoxo jana marie



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