zaterdag 26 januari 2013

Crazy sale shopping


On Saturday me and my friends Karen and Gaetana went to Hasselt  to do some crazy sale shopping. Despite the sales there were  not so many people in Hasselt as we thought, which was nice for us of course.This was probably because it was very cold and freezing outside.
With Karen and Gaetana I went looking for different sweaters since it’s terribly cold and even snowing in Belgium.
In my favorite stores I always find something, and even this time they did not disappoint me at all.
Newlook, H & M, Kruidvat and Mango all had fun discounted items. And if it is marked down, I am of course there to check it out.
Not everything I bought was unfortunately in the sales, but normally I rarely ever find something there so I was pleasantly surprised by the things I did found it!
As you can see this blog is on the shorter side because I have a party to celebrate. My party ... because today I celebrate my birthday (gosh  this goes so fast)! Of course I will also be blogging about this (more extensive than this though)
so feel free to follow me .


xoxo JanaMarie

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