maandag 11 februari 2013

little update


No I do not stop blogging, just had a technical problem at home ... My camera was gone. I kinda forgot it at my boyfriend's home and unfortunately it is difficult for him to come to my house through the week because of work. Fortunately for him, he has taken good care to my beloved camera and  it still is in good condition.
I also had my small camera that i could have  used if it still worked! Unfortunately, this one has  good and bad moments (mostly bad) and the quality is also quite bad. So I chose to take a 'break' above posting a blog with bad pictures.
Of course I have some news. Some great news (at least for me).
For friends on FB and Twitter is already old news, but I tell it anyway: We have a new puppy!
Our small sweety will be named Kyla (Kiela pronounced) and will be home in a week or 5-6 sniffing  around. Why this is so special? Well our last dog died  in the summer of 2012 and my parents did not wanted to go through that again. After much nagging, begging and begging by my sister and me, they could not stand it anymore and we went ‘just looking around’ . Now, I know that my parents can’t resist the pathetic look of a puppy, so we knew that there was a small puppy coming.
Unfortunately it is still to young to take home and we have to wait a few weeks, but the owners are so kind to us that they want  to send us pictures. Here is one already.

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