donderdag 21 februari 2013

Review Gliss Kür


Many of my friends and even my hairdresser know I always complain about my hair. Neverwill my hair stay in its place, so I always put it in a ponytail for school. My hairdresser told me to try out the products of Gliss Kur .
Super Glad was I when I found these products in the drugstore.
The packaging is a nice white plastic jar for the hair mask and a white container for the shampoo which I don’t think it looks bad .
Now what does this shampoo do? The 19 active ingredients would restoremy hair and fill in the damaged areas, ensuring 90% less hair breakage and provide smooth, soft and healthy shiny hair. Unfortunately I found this shampoo a bit disappointing. After washing and even with a conditioner my hairfeels dry and kinda dead. Of course, I didn’t hade high expectations for the hair mask.
The hair mask also contains 19 active ingredients that provide up to 100% less hair breakage with an exposure time of only one minute. And to my surprise it works! It made my hair super soft and shiny.
Spread this product to towel-dried hair and leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it out very good. According to this product it works after 1 minute, but unfortunately this is not true. So please wait and let the product do its magic.


The shampoo is available at the Kruidvat for € 3.25
The mask is available at the Kruidvat for € 7.49


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