donderdag 28 februari 2013

Shopping haul


It’s all kinda hectic lately. The presentations and exams at school and the social contacts we have to maintain. Luckily I found some time to write a little blog for you. Together with a friend I went to Maastricht, The place to be if you like a cozy shoppingplace. At least in my opinion. The nice shoppingstreets with cobblestones radiate cosiness, even with this miserable weather. Fortunately, the sun has come out a few times (Spring where are you?!).
Now i’m  rambling haha. Although I’ve found nothing of clothing, I have scored some cool beauty stuff! It’s most likely that all these products will be reviewed!
OPI- Road House Blues

 Venus- Mattifying moisturaizer

 Etos baked eyeshadow- No name !
 MAX- Broadway red , Paris pink
 Rimmel apocalips- 303 Apocaliptic
xoxo Jana

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