woensdag 3 april 2013

review: Sephora express nail polish remover


Okay I hate nail polish remover. It is such a mess with cotton balls and liquid remover! And usually the smell is so strong that my whole room smells like it.
Not my favorite thing to do ...
Unfortunately it has to be done.
Luckily I found this in the Sephora : ‘Express Nail Polish Remover’.
This jar contains a sponge that is soaked with nail polish remover. In the center there is a small hole where you insert your finger into it so you can rub your nail to the sponge. After 10-15 seconds you will see that your nail polish completely disappeared without making a mess!
It is also convenient to take because it is small and compact.
This remover contains 75 ml and, according to Sephora  you can use it for months.
The remover contains no parabens and acetone and is gentle on your skin and nails. Besides the smell is also relatively better or well, less strong. The only downside I can think of is that it is very cheap (9,30). A bottle of remover and a cotton balls together cost about 4-5 , so in comparison cotton balls and liquid remover is cheaper. But as I refuse  to get messy again  with cotton balls.
I love this product!


xoxo Jana 

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    1. yeah this baby is so handy! Isn't as messy as normal nailpolish remover so go and check it out!
      (you also have one from the brand bourjois)

      x Jana