dinsdag 24 september 2013

Kiko soft touch blush '112'

English - Nederlands 

Today a small review about the Kiko Blush.
A month ago I went to Essen, where I had to go into the Kikostore since this store isn’t in Belgium.
I love trying out new make-up brands, so why not?
I heard that kiko was amazing so i couldn’t wait to try it out. In an other review about a Kiko lipstick, I said that I really loved the quality and I even compared it to MAC.
The pigmentation from this blush is just wonderful. You really don’t need alot to get the perfect healthy blush.
I also like the packaging because it’s small, and neat and it looks more expensive than it actualy is. The only downside is that Kiko products don’t  have names unless you want to go and look it up  on there website (wich I think is ridiculous).

My color has the boring name ‘112’ and only kosts € 7,50 wich I think is a decent price for this blush! 

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