donderdag 12 september 2013

London love at first sight


As the title indicates, London was a bit like love at first sight. For me it was the first time I went so of course I was in heaven.  Luckily I had two friends who knew the road  reasonably well in London.

Our  trip began with some problems ...
Our bus left in Antwerp, but of course we couldn’t find the bus stop and it was seriously raining outside. Consequence: My hair that was perfectly staight  became a poodle haircut, my tickets were almost unreadable (fortunately still good  enough!), My friends and I almost  had icicles hanging on  our noses thanks to  the combination soakeding wet and bus air conditioning.
After a very cold bus ride, we arrived in London, we drank a hot chocolate and we cleaned ourselfs up. Our mood went upwards!
We were planning to visit Covent Garden first but unfortunately  the market weren’t opening till 11 am. We , impatient little people, then took the underground to Camden Town. Since there were more shops open, we got to meet the london cosiness.
Camden Town is very cozy, the stalls were selling so incredibly many different things that you won’t know were to look!

The next blog will be about Oxford Street!

xoxo Jana 

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  1. I love London since I first went there, too! So far I haven´t seen a more gorgeous city and Camden town is of course a really special place :)