zaterdag 30 november 2013

Elf classy

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This beautiful lipstick I wanted to review for a while now so today I finally got to do it! 
When I  ordered some elfproducts, I ordered this beautiful lipstick since I have an addiction... 
I did not had high expectations since this product only cost €1,00 and yet I felt a slight disappointment when I tried to open the lipstick. The lipstick shade is really beautiful and perfect for spring and summer but the packaging is a bit stiff, which makes it difficult to get the lipstick up and down. 
Now about the lipsticks: I love this one!  
Such a beautiful color and it feels so soft on my lips, almost like a lip balm. 
Since this product was so cheap I did not expect a great pigmentation but this just blew me away! The color is bright pink after just 1 layer! The color is called Classy which suits his lipstick pretty well. 
And not only is the pigmentation amazing, the lipsticks smell really really well! 
I'm so happy I ordered them and tho the packaging isn't the best, I really don't mind. 

xoxo Jana

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  1. elf is such a great and affordable brand!
    It's a lovely shade on you!