maandag 11 november 2013

Tea tree - Lush

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For today it's an amazing product that i'm going to review! 
Since I have a very difficult acné pro skin it's difficult to find products that actually work for me. 
I've tried so many different things like going to a dermatologist, taking pills, creams, soaps,..., everything. 
Unfortunately most things didn't last very long. They've worked for a month or two and then the bad breakouts start again. 
When reading so many great comment about Lush tea tree, the curiosity came very quickly, and I couldn't help buying it. 
Let's say I still don't regret this decision. This product is the best i've tried so far and works miracles on my annoying skin. 
Ever since I'm using this, my breakouts have been gone or at least much less then before. 
From all the products i've used this one is the best ever! 
I've bought mine in the small size (Should have bought the big one!) which coast $9.95. 

xoxo Jana 

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