maandag 16 december 2013

Rimmel match perfection

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A new foundation is what I have in store for you! 
My previous one from BE cosmetics was unfortunately empty so I started looking for a new one to try out. I am probably going to repurchase the one from BE cosmetics but I can't review the same foundation all the time, right? 
I wrote a very positive review about the BE foundation, and this is still my all time favorite so I was pretty curious to try out a new one. 
This Rimmel one has a pretty packaging. Very sleek, and sturdy. The packaging is made out of glaze so you do have to be careful not to drop it. Also a huge  plus: the pump works better then the one from BE cosmetics. 
I do have to say that I was a bit disappointed about the covering but it does feel really soft on the skin. 
The covering isn't the worst problem since you can always use concealer. The foundation brightens up the skin very beautiful and matches my skintone really well. I do have to say that the foundation looks very shiny at first but that goes away after a few minutes. 
If I have to give this product points, it would get a 8/10 which isn't bad for a €12.99 foundation! 

 Without foundation

 with foundation

xoxo Jana 

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