donderdag 9 januari 2014

Garnier pure active

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Today i've got something different on the program after all those holidays. 
During the holiday's I wear a lot more make-up than usual and then I  also notice a huge difference in my skin. I got a lot more impurity's than normally and I also have a more oily skin now that i've been using so much make-up. 
I've been looking for a great cleaning gel and when I found one from Garnier, I didn't know it had a bit of scrub in it. Nothing on the packaging mentioned that it was more of a scrub than a gel so I was a bit surprised.
Nonetheless I still wanted to try this one to get my face as clean as possible during those holidays. 
I have to say, my skin felt great ! 
The scrub really cleaned every bit of my face and made it feel really so soft and smooth. 
I also love that this scrub doesn't have any strong or chemical scents. It rater smells fresh and pleasant. 
I've been using this scurb for the past month and it really keeps the skin acné free. 
I really recommend this lovely scrub and it only costs €5,99.  

xoxo Jana 

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  1. Ik denk dat ik dezelfde heb. Ben er zelf ook best tevreden over en vind het een aangename geur hebben. Hoewel mijn vriend vindt dat het naar tandpasta ruikt... Maar wat weet hij er van, right?! ;)