vrijdag 3 januari 2014

My love for tea tree als 2de

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I love tea tree. Everyone knows this by now and I will never deny it. 
My love for tea tree began when I bought a small bottle in Lush en it made my skin so smooth and acné free. 
So for me it isn't simple to get to Lush because I have to take the bus. I don't mind taking the bus (I take it daily), but an hour driving for a small bottle is a little to much for me. So when I went to Kruidvat, I saw this tea tree bottle , which reminded me of the old days, I really wanted to try this. 
I was hoping that this cheaper alternative would be just as good as the one from Lush and I have to say, it is!
It cleans my skin really well and I still haven't got any pimples or blackheads since I've been using this. I do have to say that the smell can be a problem  for some, since it smells like a disinfectant. I personally don't mind the sent, especially for only €1,99. 

xoxo Jana 

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