donderdag 16 januari 2014

Smokey brun

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I love experimenting with  eyeshadows, but  i'm not really handy with applying it. 
Since I loved the lipsticks and foundation I decided to try out their eyeshadow quad. 
The colors of this palette were totally my thing. Neutral browns are always nice to have because it suits everybody and you can create so many different looks. 
Last time, when I bought the lipsticks, I was so happy with them but this quad is kinda disappointing. 
I was hoping that these colors were really pigmented, just like the lipsticks but unfortunately you have to use so many product to  get good color payoff. 
The lightest shades were so badly pigmented that I had to push my finger very hard on the product to come off. 
I really liked the colors so I'm a bit disappointed. Also these shades have a lot of fall out so they are really difficult to work with (especially the dark ones). 
I don't think i'm going to buy an other palette from Rimmel but I am going to continue to use this one. 
You can buy this one in a drugstore. I bought mine in Kruidvat for 10.99€. 

xoxo Jana

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