zaterdag 4 januari 2014

Vitamine E eyecream als 3de posten

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Eyecream. How the hell do you review such a product? 
It's the first time trying an eye cream so I wanted to stay budget proof. In kruidvat I spotted this lovely glass container which, just like the tea tree, reminded me of the old days and old movies. 
To be honest, I wasn't expecting much of this. I mean: how is it possible that an €2,50 eye cream is going to help me? 
To clear things out: this cream isn't anti-aging or helps pervading wrinkles, but it's suppose to help with dark circles and puffy eyes. 
Unfortunately it doesn't do anything for me. I still have dark circles   (thank god for concealer), but they are still visible. I am going to keep using this product because I do think it feels very fresh under my eyes, but if you want a really good eye cream I would not recommend this. 

xoxo Jana

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