maandag 17 februari 2014

Persunmall - Vintagelook earings

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Today another article about Persunmall
Like I wrote before, I received a few items from Persunmall (first review you can read here). I was very pleased about everything I got, including these lovely earrings. 
When I saw these earrings on their website, I knew I had to buy these. And so I did...
The earrings look pretty vintage to me. 
Exactly like the site says, which is a huge plus for me. They don't feel to heavy or look fake. Only the big red diamond looks a bit fake from close-up, but that's not a disaster so I don't mind.
I'm very pleased I bought these because they are so different from everything I have. 
They were only €3.48 which is a really good deal ! 

xoxo Jana

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  1. these are stunning! You always seem to find the prettiest jewelry! I should go shopping with you haha!

    1. If you visit Belgium somethimes you can always contact me :p

  2. I nominated you for Liebster award link is on my blog x