maandag 3 februari 2014

Persunmall - Rhinestone bracelet

English - Nederlands

A while ago, Persunnmall asked me to check out their site and they allowed me to buy a few items. 
After snooping around for a while and doubting between the many different items, since they have so much, I finally made a choice. 
One of the items I ordered was this bracelet. 
This bracelet has a lot of silver diamonds, which are fake of course, but still look really beautiful. 
It looks very elegant around the wrist, so it's appropriate for fancy dinners or dates or something like this. 
You can compare the quality to H&M, Berska, Six, ... so it's certainly not bad. 
For only €3,09 it has a very good quality. 
I'm very happy with this bracelet, though it did take some time to get here. 
Probably since it had to come all the way from Hong Kong ? 

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  1. such an elegant and pretty bracelet! I can't believe it's that affordable! :)