zondag 9 maart 2014

Persunmall - Punk sapphire necklace

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Today I've got another item that I received from  Persunmall up for you all. 
I love big statement necklaces (big shock) so of course I had to buy one from them, just to check out the quality. 
The last two items I got from Persunmall were pretty good en very nicely made so I was hoping this wouldn't disappoint me.  
The necklace is pretty light and feels pretty cheap. It also makes some noise when you have it on. 
The spikes keep turning around constantly and sometimes it hurts a bit when a spike pricks my skin. Not a nice feeling. I also think this necklace will leave a green layer when you sweat but that is just always the case with cheap jewelry. I do think I found the solution for that problem but I have to try it out first, but to keep the spikes on it's place I don't know what to do.  I really love the necklace but I don't think I'm going to wear it as much as I hoped. 
For only €3,09 I don't think you have a lot to complain.
This Punk Sapphire Neclace is still available.

xoxo Jana

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