zondag 27 april 2014

Demak-up package

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A few days ago I received this fun package from Demak-up en today I wanted to share with you what's in it. For starters, I received 4 facelooks. I'm suppose to recreate one of these with my own personal touch to it, and than test the products to see if they really work. It also came with an USB and another big paper. It explains how you can win getting your blog published in a Belgium magazine. I liked that they added your blog name on the paper so it looks more personal. 
Now on to the products. 
Luckily for me they added a bunch of cotton pads, cause mine are gone again... 
I'm also happy that they  gave some make-up wipes because these can come in handy when I'm to lazy to remove my make-up and scrub my face and so on ... 
I think it's great that they came in two different sets: the wipes for sensitive skin or the newest line from Demak-up, the expert line. 
Same goes to the eye make-up remover pads. Very handy that they gave the two different lines so you can compare them and see whats best for you. 
Last but not least: they also added the expert eye make-up remover. 
There will be an extended review about these products somewhere next week! 

xoxo Jana

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