zondag 6 april 2014

Garnet chrome - Revlon

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I've been looking for a perfect dark, deep red lipstick for a while now. Preferably a lipstick that isn't as expensive as Chanel, Dior or mac because as a student, I just can't pay a lot of money for a lipstick that often. 
When I went to the opening of the Lush store in Antwerp, I decided to pay a visit to the Inno because their they sell one brand I can't find in Hasselt. 
I keep hearing people talk about it positively so I wanted to try one out. 
This lovely color immediately caught my attention since I was looking for this type of dark red lipstick. Perfect for a night out or for going on a date. The packaging looks very sleek and elegant without to much bling bling. Something that I appreciate a lot. 
The golden detail makes it look very expensive although you only pay a fraction of the price. 
The lipstick itself applies very smoothly en leaves a nice dark vampy red color on your lips. 
The only downside is that this lipstick sets in the cracks of your lips if they are dry. 
Other than this, I can't say anything bad about this color. 
This beautiful dark red lipstick will probably suit everyone and you only pay €9,99.  

xoxo Jana

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  1. seriously pretty shade on you!!! I haven't heard anyone talking about that particular shade...now I'm on the hunt for it!