maandag 26 mei 2014

Mua - undressed eyeshadow palette

English - Nederlands

I love experimenting with eye shadow. I love nude colors and shimmer so when I spotted this palette in the Kruidvat, I knew I had to try it.  I heard a lot of beautybloggers rave about this palette so I knew it couldn't be bad. I already owned a blush and two single eye shadows which pleasantly surprised me. Now of coarse the pigmentation between  a palette and single eye shadows aren't always the same. 
The pigmentation is perfect for being a drugstore product. Only the matte colors aren't as good so you have to rub a bit harder to  get good pigmentation from it. 
The shimmery colors can  leave a bit fall out but that's not a big problem since you can  easily wipe it away. 
I'm very enthusiastic  about this palette and I think the quality is like the sleek palettes. 
You can buy this one for only €5.00 in the drugstore.

xoxo Jana

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