dinsdag 13 mei 2014

P2 - Oxford street

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Lipstick will always be my  all time favorite product when it comes to make-up. Don't ask me why, but I just love it!  When I was in Germany I just had to make a stop at the DM and buy a few lipsticks. Oxford street was one of them.  
I have read so many positive reviews about P2 lipsticks. They wouldn't only be budget proof but also have an amazing pigmentation. 
When I threw this bad boy in my shopping basket I was a bit hesitated because I thought it would be a bit of a disappointment. 
This one turned out to be just wauw... 
I just can't give it a better word then wauw. The pigmentation pleasantly surprised me because the color is just so intense. With only one swipe you have the exact same color as in the bullet. 
I also find this lipstick very pleasant to apply. It's pretty creamy which makes it feel like a lipbalm. The fact that it stays on for about 4-5 hours makes it even better. 
Only €1,95 does this lipstick costs which is definitely worth going to the DM! 
Ps: sorry for the lack of posts the past week. The are renovating my house so it was a bit difficult to find the time to take pictures and then (like the renovating part isn't enough) my SD-cart broke down... I'm now borrowing my dad's SD-card since he doesn't really uses his camera! 

xoxo Jana

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