dinsdag 10 juni 2014

Kiko - Macropearly Umber

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Kiko is one of my favorite budget make-up brands. I already owned two lovely eyeshadows. 
Since I was so happy with the eyeshadows and it's pigmentation, I had to pick out a new color in Germany. 
My eye fell on this lovely color with an unique name 'Macropearly Umber'.
This taupe - Purple really appealed to me and without testing I decided to buy it. I was convinced that the pigmentation would be just as great as my other two eyeshadows so I was a bit dissapointed when it turned out to be not as great. 
The pigmentation isn't bad, but it just isn't as good compared to the other ones I own. 
After pushing pretty hard with my brush, I got a decent pigmentation. The color is beautiful and very easy to blend. I loved that it had a lot of sparkles. Luckily it doesn't lose a lot of powder or glitter when I apply it so that is defiantly a plus.
On the swatch photo you can see that I applied it dry and wet. You can see that the intensity is way better when you use water, so I hope that it will be great when I use an eyeshadow base (Still need to buy a new one). 
Let's just say that this is not the best eyeshadow I have from Kiko, but I do like it. 
Especially for this lovely price: €2.90! 

xoxo Jana

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  1. gorgeous 1 shadow look!! I'm so curious about kiko and if I'm ever in Europe I'm definitely going to pick up some goodies ;)