woensdag 25 juni 2014

New in - Primark goodies

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Yesterday I went to Primark in Eindhoven with three friends. For me it was the first time going there but I thought that a Primark with 4 floors would have some nice stuff. 
Let's say that I was a bit dissapointed. I didn't saw that many tops or T-shirts and the ones I did liked didn't look good on me. To bad but so be it. 
I was hoping that the shoes, bags and accessories were better but I wasn't very impressed. They did had beautiful heels but unfortunately my size was always sold out. Even thought I didn't saw that many items that I liked I did managed to score some bits ! 

Dumbo slipper socks are the bomb! For only 5€ these will keep your feet warm (of coarse during the cold winter months). And let me just say that these feel amazingly soft... like walking on clouds.

For some reason my black T-shirt vanished. 
It was time to look for a replacement and since this T-shirt 
only costed €3,50 I thought this would be perfect. 

Since I'm going to the Ardenne, I'm expecting my shoes to get really dirty or wet. 
For only €3,00 these will be perfect to take along with me. 

Hello handbag obsession. Even though I didn't saw that many cute bags, 
I did managed to score these two babies! 
Both costed €7,00... a complete bargain !
I was looking for delicate bracelets for a while but most were to much for the quality you would get. These were only €2,00. 
Unfortunately they are a bit to big so I have to look for a solution to wear these.  

I was looking for this type of necklace for a while now but most times the little tube was to big so it didn't look very elegant. 
When I found this one I was immediately in love! 
I paid only €2,00 for this one.

The details of these earrings caught my attention. These are just beautiful. 
I paid €2,00 which is really cheap for how gorgeous these look!

Since my wallet was in need of a replacement, Is started looking for one that looked classy and simple. I think this fits the description perfectly. 
There is a little nude pouch at the back that you can take out. 
For only €6,00 I believe this looks way more expensive ! 

xoxo Jana

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