zondag 29 juni 2014

P2 - Mulholland drive

English - Nederlands

Most already know I have an obsession with lipsticks. Still I thought I managed to keep myself together in Germany by only buying 5 new lipsticks.
P2 is a very budget friendly brand and since you can't buy this in Belgium, I decided to buy a few products from  this brand. 
Today I'm going to show you this lovely spring/summer lipstick.
I can't say much about the packaging except the shape is different then most lipsticks and it's completely silver. What I think is important is that the packaging is sturdy and the lid stays on really well. With some drugstore lipsticks the lid comes of quite easily but not with this one so... no stains in my purse!
The color has a beautiful pigmentation. More than I ever imagined to be honest! And it just glides on so smoothly. I also love that the color doesn't fade that quickly. Even after eating or drinking you can still  see the lovely color (although I do recommend to reapply the color for a better pigmentation). 
I also like that the lipsticks from P2 are scentless. No delicious vanilla scents like MAC or KIKO and no smelly chemical scents luckily!  
I think this color will be perfect for summer so I will probably wear this one pretty often! 

xoxo Jana

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