woensdag 2 juli 2014

If the shoe fits

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After a big disappointment when it comes to shoe shopping in Primark, I decided to look for a fun pair in Maastricht. I love shoes, especially high heels but I don't buy them often since they have to fit perfectly. 
These heels were love at first sight when I saw my friend try these one. She didn't mind me trying them on as well and so I did... Hello beauties. 
My friend wanted to buy the nude with rose gold details instead of the black ones with silver but they weren't in her size. Now we both have the same shoes but we don't mind. The were to beautiful to leave behind. 
Despite the fact that I promised to myself to buy a different color than black I really wanted these and so I just had to buy them. 
These babies costed only € 29,95 and are really comfortable! I think I can walk in these for hours!  

xoxo Jana

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