vrijdag 25 juli 2014

Summer ready with Wilkinson

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Summer may be almost over but soft legs are a must the entire year. 
We are always looking for simple razor blades which gives you the perfect soft legs.
A while ago I got these razor blades send to me and today i'm going to tell you a bit more about them.  

First up I'm going to talk about the razor blades from Wilkinson. These Wilkinson Sword Intuition razor blades are know for a long time and are loved by a lot of woman, including me. A big advantage to me was that you don't need shaving cream or shaving gel or anything since there is this layer of shaving cream around the blades which become really soft and creamy when water touches it. It also has a multidirectional shaving head which is really handy because it's easier to follow the contours of your body. 
The Intuition for Wilkinson has two variants: the naturals sensitive care with Aloë Vera en Vitamin E for sensitive skin and the Dry skin version with coconut milk and almond oil for dry skin. 
Since I tested this one I don't want another type of razorblade! My legs are so soft and hydrated! 
You pay €10,39 for the set that I got and €11,99 for refills with 3 razor blades. 

Something I think is pretty importent to do is shaving the bikini line. The Quattro for woman  bikini white papaja and pearl I got sent to me with the other razor blade. As you can see, this razor blade has two sides. One has 4 ultra thin blades and two conditioning strips with papaya which has lot's of vitamins and anti-oxidants so it makes wounds heal better. Pearl is being used for Chinese medicine and is known for making the skin softer.
On the other side there is a trimmer which I think looks a bit intimidating. It is waterproof and can be adjusted to 4 different lengths:   0.3mm,  2mm, 4mm en 6 mm. 
This razor blade coasts €11.99 and the refills, which come in a set of 3, coast €8.29.
For those who don't want to use a trimmer, you can also  buy the basic version which coast €8.29 

xoxo Jana

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