zaterdag 30 augustus 2014

L'oreal - Le teint accord parfait

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I may like trying out new foundations, but I really hate reviewing them. Let's be real, the before picture isn't that flattering most of the times...
Yet I had to tell you about this lovely foundation. 
Most foundations are to dark for my pale skin so I was looking for one that would give me great coverage and that wasn't to dark. I really need a good coverage since I have a lot of small scars and pigment spots on my face that I would love to hide. 
Normally I'm a maybelline girl, but I decided to  try something different and went for L'oreal. 
I'm a happy girl! This foundation gives me the perfect coverage without feeling to tick on the skin. With the right amound of blending, this foundation looks really natural without to much shine. No disco ball face for me! 
The texture is really light and liquid. With only half a pump I have enough to cover my entire face, but when you want that bit of extra coverage you can use more. This foundation is perfect for layering since it is very thin.
Another big plus is that my skin reacts really well to this foundation because my skin tends to act crazy with some products or new products. 
I'm definitely going to buy a back-up from this one, but of course I would love to try out other foundations as well. If anyone knows great foundations for pale skin, let me know! 
 For this foundation you pay €15,99.


xoxo Jana 

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