zaterdag 23 augustus 2014

Pashmina pink

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 I normally am a sucker for pretty packaging, but online I look more at the color and name of the product. I was pretty curious for the products from Mememe but like I said before, I don't buy stuff online. For my birthday Melissa (Melfortune) and Kim bought me a giftcard from the Misslipgloss webshop so I decided to give the Mememe products a go and bought two Items from them and today I'm reviewing a lipstick from them. 
This lipstick comes in a beautiful cardboard box. The packaging is inspired by goddess so on one side there is a sculpture of the godess, on the other side it has the name of the goddess which is "Selene" on my packaging, and on an other side there is a little explanation of that particular goddess. Since I do not have a photo of the explanation I decided to type the text that I got from the internet:    

'The celestial Selene, moon goddess gazed down with her soft halo shimmering;
 a silent beauty across the land.'

On the website I picked a dusty pink color named Pashmina pink, but the color is more pink and lighter than I expected. Not  that big of a deal because I like pinks for summer. 
Unfortunately this isn't a pretty pink color due to it's shine. You can see the result on the pictures. 
Despite the lipstick applied very smoothly and felt really soft I did wiped it away because it really wasn't my thing. Personally this is one of the biggest make-up mistakes I ever bought. I did look up some pictures and saw a few ones where Cynthia was wearing this color. It really suited her so lucky her! 
You only pay € 10,95 for this one but i'm not sure if I'm going to buy a lipstick from this brand again. 
What are you're experiences with Mememe lipsticks? 

xoxo Jana 

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