donderdag 30 oktober 2014

MAC pro longwear concealer

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Concealer isn't something that everybody loves to use, but since I've got these horrible dark circles and pimples and spots, I love using it. I was using a concealer from Rimmel for a while, which I absolutely loved, but I wanted to try out something new (Typical blogger?).
I was doubting between a concealer from MAC and Inglot, but I heard so many great comments and reviews about the MAC one that I just had to try it.
The packaging is made out of glass, which isn't everyone's favorite, but I like it and thinks it looks really chic. I also appreciate it that it has a pump so it's very hygienically to use. 
The texture is light and a bit watery but it blends out evenly and still manages to cover my dark  circles and spots.  
It doesn't feel thick on the skin and doesn't set in the fine lines under the eyes, a big plus for me. I do have to mention that it smells horrible. Ones you put it one you the smell is gone, but I still think it's a bit unpleasant. 
Still, that doesn't stop  me from using it because I really think it works great. 
Personally I think that €18 is a bit much for a concealer so I'm probably going to use this one and a few other budget ones. 
I would definitely repurchase  this product since it really does work for my dark circles!  

xoxo Jana

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