donderdag 13 november 2014

Catrice - Mattraction

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If got another Lipstick ready today. Small obsession, but luckily this one wasn't expensive. 
Despite I love Mac lipsticks, I do love to try out budget lipsticks since you can find really good ones there. Like this lipstick. 
Catrice is a brand that sells excellent make-up for a decent price, and when I saw this color, I knew I had to get it. 
The packaging of Catrice is sleek and elegant and it stays closed really well so you lipstick can't open and smudge in your bag.  The color 'Mattraction' is a mat red-pinkish color, perfect for fall, winter and the holidays. I was having a bit of doubts if this lipstick would really be mat since it applied really smooth and felt really creamy. 
Despite being creamy, unlike the Mac lipsticks, it looks mat. You do have to reapply it more often due to its texture, but to be honest, I do not mind.
It's a beautiful color and when I was wearing this, I got a few compliments from people saying that it was a lovely lipstick that I was wearing... and that for only €3.99!  

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