vrijdag 21 november 2014

Neutrogena - Nordic Berry

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Winter is coming and it's starting to get pretty cold outside: time to hydrate your skin a bit more. 
Neutrogena has a new skincare line that is developed to raise the hydration level  three times more and brings stressed skin back to balans. 
It's beautysecret? Its Nordic formula with the power fruit Nordic Berry. This new line has five products to offer (Body lotion, Body balm, Hand cream, Foot cream and lip balm). They offer restoring and hydrating products. 
It's unique scent with the Nordic Berry helps with having a positive experience. It's a mild, pleasant scent that sinks in the skin, but is subtle enough so it doesn't overpower your favorite perfume.   
Curious about my opinion of these products? Keep reading!

The lip balm  is a new favorite item in my purse. It has a sweet scent, maybe a little too sweet for my taste, but it works good.
My dry and cracked lips feel soft and the balm doesn't fade to fast so I don't have to reapply it to often. I really love this one!
Hand cream is something I find important during these cold months and since this tube isn't too big, it's easy to take with my in my purse. It has a sweet scent, but not to strong.
I also like that it fades quick but still nourishes my hands so they don't get dry. 
Foot cream is something I didn't use, but it comes in quite handy against my dry feet.  
This cream makes your feet feel soft and the product smells good as well, which is a plus. The only downside is that it leaves a greasy layer on your feet, so you have to be carefull not to leave any stains on the floor. 
This body balm is covered with a foil which makes it a bit more hygienic since you can tell that nobody putted his fingers in the jar. 
It smells good, has a thick consistency and nourishes the skin really  well. 
this one has that sweet scent again but as promised, it doesn't overrule the scent of your favorite perfume. I love using this one on my dry legs.  
Last but not least this body lotion. It is more hygienic than the body balm since it has a pump and it sinks in the skin pretty quick. 
This one has that same sweet Nordic berry scent that isn't to heavy smelling. 
I'm a big fan of this skincare line especially the lip balm, hand cream and body butter!
Did you know this skincare line? 

* Lip balm €5,50 (4,8gram)
* Hand cream€8,50 (75ml)
* Foot cream €9,50 (100ml)
* Body balm €8,95 (200ml)
* Body lotion €11,95 (400ml)
xoxo Jana

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