donderdag 27 november 2014

OGX - Argan oil of Morocco

English - Nederlands

A while ago I came in contact with the web shop 'Alles voor je uiterlijk'. They offered me to sent a package with products that I could try out. On November 6th I received my package with two products from OGX. I was very happy since it is something different than just make-up, like I always review. 
I've got really dry hair so a good shampoo and conditioner is a must for me. I've tried out different products but so far I like the Gliss kür ones the best. Now that I tried out this brand I have to say that I love these ones as well. 
The packaging is very pretty, fresh and colorful. It doesn't has a strong scent,which is a plus because I don't like those strong scents for my hair. The Moroccan argan oil  is a source of vitamin E and antioxidants. It protects your skin-and hair cells, gives it a nice shine, makesit really soft and also protects it against dryness. 
My hair feels really soft and has a light perfumed scent to it. It's also a lot less frizzy and dry, perfect! I'm very happy with these products and think they work just as great as the Gliss kür ones although i'm loving the packaging of these products a bit more. 
Maybe I should try out there hair mask? 
You can find these products at the DI, DIO and of course the webshop 'Alles voor je uiterlijk'.  

travel size conditioner €2,99 (88,7ml)
full size conditioner     €11,99 (385ml)
travel size shampoo     €2,99 (88,7ml)
full size shampoo        €11,99(385ml)

xoxo Jana

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