maandag 1 december 2014

MAC - Ruby Woo

English- Nederlands

Mac lipsticks just keep surprising me! They have an amazing selection of colors and shades, which makes it very difficult to choose from. Luckily I always do so research and I always have a color in mind. 
A while ago I was looking for the perfect classic red lipstick. I was doubting between Russian red and Ruby Woo, but Ruby Woo looked better with my complexion. 
Ruby Woo is a  retro mat lipstick and feels really dry on the lips, you best apply a lip balm. Personally I don't mind that it feels dry, since you don't have to reapply it as often and you can use the lipstick longer. 
It does apply a bit difficult but once it's on your lips, it looks really beautiful. 
Also don't forget to smell your lipstick because I just love the sweet vanilla scent they have! 
You can find this classic red lipstick at you  local  Mac counter for €19,00

Love, Jana

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  1. Beautiful! The colour looks really great on you, I can't wait to buy my first mac lipstick :-) x