vrijdag 16 januari 2015

Fashion Friday - Fringe it is

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Since I work at the lady's department, I constantly see lot's of beautiful items that are new in some collections. With the brand Halluber I spotted this nice fringe clutch  and I doubted pretty long abiut buying it or not. I have to much bags already. 
And then  the sale started... Jup, I could not resist it anymore and I decided to buy it to wear with my new year's outfit. 
Like most woman have a shoe addiction, I have a bag addiction,...and maybe shoes as well. I love this bag since it gives something unique to a simple outfit so I wear this bag all  the time. The black 'leather' is off good quality, and pretty spacious. 
It also comes with a silver chain so you can wear this as a cross-over back as well, but for me the chain was a bit too long. No big problem since I only wear this as a clutch. 
For €39,95 you can buy this in the Inno. 

xoxo Jana

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