dinsdag 17 februari 2015

Sleek - Plush and Heartbreaker

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The lipstick addict in me always forces me to buy at least one lipstick when shopping for make-up. I can never go into MAC without buying one. It's bad, I know and that's the reason I don't visit MAC often... 
Fellow-lipstick addicts would understand me when I say that wearing lipstick can  make you  feel more confident so when I decided to do an online purchase at Boozyshop, I knew I had to get a bright or dark color. 
Since I couldn't decide, I went for both a dark and a bright color. 'Heartbreaker' looks a bit like a mixture between MAC relentlessly red and MAC all fired up. A beautiful matte color that's perfect for spring and summer. 'Plush' on the other hand is a dark vampy lip color that is more suitable for fall and winter or for a night out. Plush isn't your typical dark berry shade, like most lipsticks, but it has a slight blue sheen to it, even though it is a matte color. On  the swatch you can see what I mean, but I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. 
These lipsticks both have a matte finish which makes them a bit more difficult to apply, but they last longer than a regular lipstick. My personal favorite is Plush since it is a bit more special and perfect for when you want to feel  sexy or mysterious. 
Which color do you prefer?

xoxo Jana 

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  1. I have a special love for bright pink lipsticks and these are gorgeous !