woensdag 4 maart 2015

Blush academy event

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A few weeks ago I received a fun message in my mailbox: an invitation for the Blush styling-&beautyday! two words that immediately spoke to me, styling and beauty, made sure I started looking for a way to  attend the event (I normally had to work that day). Luckily a very sweet colleague who wanted to switch shifts so I could let them know I was comming.

Now what is Blush exactly? Blush academy & agency is a fashion- and makeupschool, founded by Caroline Rigo and Palmira Proietti. They  offer an allround stylist or allround makeup training and since a few weeks they  also offer a summerclass to become a makeup artist and a customized fashion stylist class. (more info Blush).
Are you  excited to see what this event had in store for me? Keep  reading! 
First of we got some information about blush and who Caroline and Palmire were, wich also comes in  handy.  Next up we got a bunch of magazines, glue, a pair of scissors and a blanco page and we started to  make our own mood board. With this mood board they could tell what type of style you had. Mine was a mix of basic, rocker and feminine. Completely correct! 
After making the mood board we got to  see what type of body we had so we could pay more attention to what type of clothes suit or body. No more throwing out clothes I never worn before. I actually really liked this workshop and I'm even  considering to do the allround class. Taking an extra class can never hurt, right?

After a delicious spaghetti bolognaise, we went on with workshop two:  how to  give our self a good skincare treatment and how to apply makeup  for during the day. Working with mineral foundation  was new to me and I have to say that I liked the result. We used products from  Bellapierre en inglot, which are both very lovely to use. 
I left the event with a goody bag  and  some new friendships. 
Blush academy & agency had prepared a fun and instructive event and I'm happy I could be a part of it.  

xoxo Jana 

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PS: the two last pictures were taken by Palmira ! 

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