vrijdag 27 maart 2015

Fashion Friday - Aquarius

English- Nederlands

I have always been  very proud of my star sign and I've seen people with their sign on a necklace. The hunt for my own perfect necklace with my star sign begun, but I couldn't find anyone I actually liked. Until a few weeks ago when I was looking on the online webshop of Mango. 
I instantly fell in love with this multi-charm necklace. It looks very cute and I love to make this the center of my outfit! Just an all black outfit with golden accents and then this necklace is just pure heaven to me. I think it adds something more personal to a very basic outfit without making it look to much. My favorite charms are the top one and the bottom one since these look the most sophisticated and sleek. 
I love to combine a very simple minimal makeup look with this necklace, like you can see in the pictures below.
For those wondering; they have these in all star signs  so definitely go and visit your closest Mango shop or see it it is still available online, because this necklace is just to cute!   

Love, Jana 

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