woensdag 13 mei 2015

My skin care products - How I keep my skin clear

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Most people know that I don't have the best skin and that I easily have spots and blemishes.
So when I went looking for my trusty old Louis Widmer products, the sales lady recommended me the products of La roche-posay. Probably also because they didn't have Louis Widmer, but still she got me convinced about these products.
I only bought a skin gommage and a moisturizer and still I ended up with four products. The lovely lady knew I was doubting between the gommage  and the skin care gel so she gave me a full sized tube of the skin care gel just to try it out. And then there was one gommage product for free if I bought something from this brand so I ended up with two gommage, one skin care gel and one moisturizer. Great deal don't you think?
If you keep reading, I'll tell you what I think about every single product!

Let's start of with the peeling. 
Since I have a lot of breakouts and blemishes, I like to deep clean my skin two days a week. 
A soft peeling seemed more gentle than a scrub so  when she tested this product on my hand, I instantly fell in love. It doesn't feel harsh on my skin but get's all the dirt out of my pores. 
After using this, my skin always feels soft and clean, just the way it has to be. 
This skin care gel I got as a tester but it is a full sized one so I had the chance to  really 
try it out and see how it worked for my skin. 
Whenever I had blemishes that were almost ready to be popped (sounds so disgusting), I used this 
skin care gel as it is more gently on my skin then the peeling. 
It get's the job done and makes my skin feel soft and clean, without making 
the blemishes feel painful. 
Last but not least, there is the moisturizer. 
This one is for the oily skin girls out there who have , just like me, a shiny face during the day. 
This moisturizer feels nice and refreshing on my skin and makes my skin look mat all day long. 
Of course you have to use some powder as well, but I find that this helps 
with keeping the oils to a minimum. 
On this picture I am wearing foundation and concealer but I think you can see that 
the blemishes and pimples are less then usual. I still have some bumps but I guess I just have to 
keep using these products and really take care of my skin! 
The product price is between €10 and €20
xoxo Jana

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