maandag 18 mei 2015

Shophaul - Maastricht you were fun

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So I spent a little money... Nothing new according to my mom. This time it wasn't just make-up but also some fashion bits. When going to Maastricht I always have a few shops I need to pay  a visit since they aren't in  Hasselt or any other city nearby. Lush, New Yorker and Van Haren were the shops I had to pay a visit and of course I didn't leave them empty handed. 

Hello fellow coffee addicts! Do pay a visit at New Yorker to get yourself this cute T-shirt. 
I love that it isn't to extreme with the text but still looks cute. 
It is a bit longer in  the back but I don't mind that. Also the fit is very loose so you better
go a size down when buying this one. 
They  also had this in black but I didn't want to go for black, and the white version 
was a bit to sheer for me. Grey  it is! 
As I'm trying to wear more color and white and grey, basically every other color then black, I fell in love with this colorful tank top. It has a bit of an open back but it doesn't show your bra. This top I did found in Hasselt since we were back a bit early and the stores were still open. 
New Look always has gorgeous pieces so when I found this one, I just had to get it.
I desperately needed a new pair of basic sandals for summer as the weather in Belgium keeps changing. Some days it's really hot and then I'm pissed I don't have a descent pair of sandals. 
Luckily I found these basic black ones that are really comfortable. As predicated I 
scored these at Van Haren  for only €19,95. 
Sneakers, you can never have enough of them and all though I love Converse, I wanted to opt for a 
cheaper version. I didn't want to spent the normal price for converse shoes that weren't as special. 
I just couldn't pay more then €50,00 for sneakers that were just basic white ones. 
I once found the perfect pair of Converse shoes but unfortunately they were sold out in my size, 
so I would pay more then €50,00 for sneakers IF i found the perfect pair, but for now these from  New Look will do just fine.  
Lush, I can't live without you. Please don't ever go away. 
I love lush for making products that aren't tested on animals and that they are fighting animal testing. 
I'm a big dog lover and my heart breaks when I see things like dog abuse or any animal abuse! 
Lush isn't just great with the anti- animal testing but with also with their products itself. 
I just can't live without their tea tree water or bath bombs, so I had to purchase a few bits. 
I'm not going to show the colors of the two lipsticks as I am giving these three Items away  in my next give-away. My blog is 4 followers away for the 500! So happy with that! 
I'm already preparing my package, so stay tuned. 
xoxo Jana

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