maandag 22 juni 2015

Essence XXXL longlasting lipgloss

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What would my blog be without it's lip product reviews? Right, nothing. 
When looking around the drugstore I saw the Essence stand and found this Essence longlasting lip gloss in a matte formula. A matte lip gloss? That sounded interesting so I had to give it a try. 
Let's start with the smell. I'm not a big fan of it to be honest. I don't mind that a gloss has a scent to it but this smells just so overwhelming. I normally love the smell of caramel but this is just a bit to much. Luckily you can't smell it when you have it on your lips. 
I must say that even though I'm not a fan of lip gloss I was pretty surprised! It's more of a creamy matte lipstick in a tube with an applicator than a lip gloss but still, the color payoff wasn't to bad! 
The first lip gloss called '08 soft nude' is a pretty nude color that isn't to light for my skin tone. As I'm very pale it's difficult to find a nude color that doesn't make me look like i'm sick, but this one did it's job pretty  well. The other color is called '15 coral mousse', a nice coral shade that looks great on people with a tan. I must say that coral mousse isn't my favorite as it highlights the lines on your lips, but still a pretty color. 
Both shades don't last that long on the lips, as I expected, but for only €2,39 I applying it again isn't so bad. 

xoxo Jana

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