zondag 5 juli 2015

Sunday talk

English - Nederlands

Currently i'm  in my room with a wet towel over my burnt red legs trying to cool off a bit. It's like 38°C in Belgium which is pretty rare over here. Luckily I had a day off today (which explains the burnt legs I guess). 
So let me start with the beginning: I lost my job at Galeria Inno, went on lots of job interviews, even did some tryouts but eventually I ended up working at MEXX. I must say, I was a bit scared to  start working in a team that already knew each other and I was the newbie, but they were all so nice and helpful and I ended up feeling right at home there. 
More exiting news: I bought a car! Finally, after having my drivers licence for almost 3 years, I decided that I saved enough money to buy myself a nice car. It's not brand new, but that's oké with me. I went for a light grey Hyundai I30 from  2008. Pictures will probably follow. 
Also I'm planning in some new video's and vlogs. As i'm going to Amsterdam, I want to try and make some vlogs and maybe some outfit photo's. For those following me on  Instagram, you might have seen a few outfits passing by but I'll  add them in this blog. 
I'm still not 100% comfortable being completely in front of a camera but i'm getting there. 

xoxo Jana

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